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Floating Structures & Docks

Welcome to Gulf Coast Waterfront Solutions. We are your one stop shop for all your Marine Construction needs. Whether it be on the coast or inland by water or land. We are here to help you with your project. We can custom design, engineer and assist with permitting on projects to fit you and your property needs and functions. Promptly and insured. Call us today for free estimates. We also provide written inspections.

No money down, nothing due until project is completed! 

Ask about our financing options if needed. 

We specialize in new bulkheads and seawalls and repairs. Whether it be wood, vinyl, steel or concrete we can assist with construction, planning and design to fit the needs for you and your property.  We also offer all types of floating structures and buildings. From cozy gazebos, decks and docks to commercial docking for yachts, sail boats and barges. We also provide bulkhead and dock maintenance.

  • Floating Porches & Gazebos
  • Kayak & Swim Platforms, Ladders & Diving Boards Available
  • Bulkhead / Seawall Installation & Repairs
  • Floating Boat Houses & Sheds
  • Permanent Boat Houses
  • Floating Office Building and Cabins
  • Stationary Piers/Docks/Boat Ramps
  • Erosion Control/Rip Rap
  • Wet Land Development
  • Wooden Ramps or Aluminum
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floating gazebo

Floating Porches & Gazebos

floating docks piers

Floating Docks

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bulkhead, erosion control seawalls

Bulkheads & Floats

Here at GCWS, we use top quality material for all of our bulkheads and float projects. Our floats are foam filled and completely cased. Most of the time there is no permitting for floating structures. We can assist with the permitting and engineering of all projects. We also offer installation or shipment on all of our floating structures. 


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Erosion Control, Bulkheads, Seawalls

All of our bulkheads are built to last and tied back with quality materials. No one tops our seawall and bulkhead repairs and workmanship.

docks & piers

Docks & Piers

We build stationary piers from the pilings to the decking. If you are not sure which is the best for you, we can help you decide based on your preferences and/or needs for your location and use.

docks & piers

Floating Docks

We specialize in building floating boat houses and gazebos.
Polyurethane foam filled floats. We design and build floating docks and piers, commercial or residential.

Customer Reviews

5 stars
“I’ve lived in Galveston and Kemah for over 30 years with piers and bulk heads on my properties. I’ve watched neighbors pick up the pieces after storms big and small for that same time. But not with Robert and his company.. The best built on the Gulf coast that has saved me Big Time because of the quality on my bulkhead and piers. Simply the Best.”

Ron Bloomingkemper

Chairman, FEG LLC

5 stars
“Robert manages his company very well. He has a wonderful crew, they are very responsive, they were very professional and left the jobsite and the property spotless. I will on call Robert again if I needed any work done on my boathouse or pier.”

John R.

5 stars
“We had a wonderful experience with Gulf Coast Waterfront Solutions. They solved our boathouse problem by building a masterpiece. The job was completed on time and exactly right. We were told in advance what to expect and what was going to happen. That was a nice touch. “

Bernard B.

5 stars
“All-in-all, Gulf Coast Waterfront Solutions did an excellent job in difficult and occasionally hazardous conditions while constructing my 85 foot bulkhead on Galveston Bay. Under the strong supervision of the Waterfront Solutions’ owner, his skilled, well-trained, and hard-working crew did a great job. “

A. Perry

5 stars
“Fantastic Job! Robert and team just completed our 100 foot bulkhead on Dickinson Bayou and it is absolutely beautiful! The Waterfront Solutions’ team was very knowledgeable and experienced which enabled our project to be completed with a reasonable price and on schedule.”

Velma L.

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