Floating Docks

Floating Dock Construction and Repair

Gulf Coast Waterfront Solutions builds floating docks for residential property owners as well as marinas who are interested in easy access to the waterway. We can build a new floating dock or repair the one you already own.

Docks are generally built at the pier’s end, but our floating docks are all their own. Conduits for lighting are also available.

We utilize only the best pressure (CCA) treated wood for docks since it protects the wood from rot, fungi, and marine borers. 

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Floating Docks

For our floating dock projects, we use marine treated wood and polyurethane foam filled floats. All hardware is galvanized, stainless steel screws for wood or Trex decking (no nails). 

These floats are long-lasting, UV resistant, weather and varmint proof.

We design our floats to fit your needs height and size from kayaks, swim plate forms, yachts and more. We can add diving boards, slide ladders and more to accommodate your summer activities. We can also accommodate your pet with a ramp attachment to the float to get of the water.