Bulkheads & Seawalls

residential and commercial Marine Bulkhead & Seawall Construction and Repair

Gulf Coast Waterfront Solutions has built quality bulkheads and seawalls using a variety of materials and construction methods. We install timber bulkheads and vinyl sheet pile bulkheads. We also have experience installing fiberglass sheet pile seawalls. 

Seawall or marine bulkhead construction can be a very valuable and long time investment to your residential, commercial, or marina property. Whether it’s to reduce land erosion, repair existing bulkheads or enhancing the appearance of your property. 

Waterfront Solutions can install or repair your bulkhead to your specific requirements. 

We can build a wide selection of seawall construction material such as aluminum, concrete, wooden, and vinyl sheet piling, depending on your needs.

Our workmanship features consists of whalers, face pilings, cement & rebar trenches for the tie back system, and hot dipped galvanized rods and hardware. All walls will be land filled; using water pumps for packing in order to reduce settlement. To enhance the aesthetics, top capping is offered in concrete, composite decking, aluminum, and vinyl to compliment your wall.

Hurricane season is here.

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What exactly is a seawall?

A seawall, also known as a bulkhead or retaining wall, is a defence to reduce the effects of strong waves, and to defend coastal land from erosion. 

the term is typically used to describe the walls built on the land that run parallel to the coastline, but they may also apply to breakwaters which are built in the water itself. 

A seawall’s job is to hold back soil and act as a barrier from the water pulling the soil into the water, which causes erosion and property loss. A seawall is comprised of several items which are all critical in the long term performance of the structure. 

Seawalls encounter some of the most brutal conditions of any structure built today. From heavy loads and extremely corrosive salt water, to marine borer attacks and violent storms – convential materials just don’t get the job done. Today’s seawalls and bulkheads reuire advanced materials capable of performing over the long haul in this brutal environment. 

In the past, seawalls and bulkheads made of chemically treated wood, concrete, or steel deteriorated quickly in the marine environment. Now, property owners around the globe are enjoying picturesque, long-lasting seawalls made of advanced plastics, composites, and marine grade aluminum.


Bulkhead Repair & Maintenance

We recommend that you maintain your bulkhead and hardware. When the ground is saturated, the wall will have movement if the structure is weak or weakened over a period of time. Eventually reach a point to remove and replace.

We have constructed countless bulkheads, seawalls & bulkhead repairs throughout Texas. Whether large or small, our bulkheads are designed specifically to meet the needs of our clients and property. From engineering to environmental resource permitting and anything in between.