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Waterfront Solutions services Texas inland and coastal shorelines.

Bulkhead maintenance & repairs.. We recommend that you maintain your bulkhead and hardware. When the ground is saturated, the wall will have movement if the structure is weak or weakened over a period of time. Eventually reach a point to remove and replace. 

We have constructed countless bulkheads, seawalls & Bulkhead repairs throughout Texas. Whether large or small, our Bulkheads are designed specifically to meet the needs of our clients and property. From engineering to environmental resource permitting and anything in between.

Waterfront Solutions is your leading choice in Marine Bulkhead Construction and Repair, Any Operations from Land or Water, Assist In permitting and Engineering Operations of all phases of Construction:

  • Bulkhead, Seawall Washout Repair
  • Bulkhead Removal and Installation
  • Bulkhead maintenance & Tie Back System 
  • Bulkhead maintenance Exterior hardware and Coating  
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We are located at 1017 Marina Bay Dr, Kemah, TX 77565 .

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